I specialise in producing corporate video for small to medium size business. Using state of the art Nikon DSLR cameras, GoPro HD video and the latest iPhone XR with gimbal mount, I can help you to promote your business professionally, both off and online. Creating smooth professional video is now within your reach – with fantastic quality at a competitive price.

Full Frame Nikon Cameras for Corporate Photography

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years, but have been a keen image maker since I was a ten year old. My full frame digital cameras from NIKON create pin-sharp, ultra high definition digital images that can be used across all on and offline media.

With GoPro, we can go as wild as you like while filming your product or experience. Whether mounted to a vehicle or a boat, the GoPro produces beautiful, smooth, high-resolution video that will impress your current and future customers.

Immerse your potential customer in your product experience and let them get a real feel for what you or your business can offer, with remarkable indoor or outdoor real-time filming.

The gimbal-supported iPhone XR combines the extraordinary high resolution camera on the phone with the steady, smooth hand-held operation more commonly associated with movie cameras.

The Gimbal Support iPhone Enables Beautiful Smooth Video While on the Move

Combine all these different film and video formats with my state of the art video editing suite to make a unique film to showcase your work, your premises or your experiences.

Contact me today to discuss your video requirements.

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